May 14, 2015

Objecto - Chapter 2: "The Object"

Chris finds an object in his home.

*Actually posted on 8/27/15 (changed date to earlier to hide clutter of chapters)

Previously on Objecto...

I had trauma in my life before.

I picked it up, and it read:

"I have much compassion and understanding as a man, but I can no longer bear it.
Even I will rather burn in hell, than go through what I have with this.
You don't notice it yet, but I have left it in your own possession.
It begins...tonight.
I'm sorry."

A chill went up my spine.

A bright flash is all I saw before I went unconscious. 
.                                         Not one man ever said it was a blessing, at the end.
I proceeded to wake up at the hospital the next day.

Nurse: "Are you okay?"
Chris: "I think so. What happened?"

Nurse: "A car drove into a house across the street from yours, the explosion was big enough to send you unconscious. Minimal damage was done to you and your home, but you're lucky shards of glass didn't get all over you! My name is Hallie, you may call me that. I think it would be best if you just stayed in bed for now."
Chris: "Well, thank you for tending me Miss, Hallie."

Hallie: "No problem, it's my job. Chris, it's all over the local news. It was a freak accident that could have killed someone, luckily your neighbors across the street weren't home."
Chris: "Well, I just don't understand. How is it a freak accident when the car was driving 80-100 miles an hour?"
Hallie: "They say that the car suddenly sped up before going out of control."

It just didn't seem right to me. The car looked very controlled to me.

Chris: "Wait, what happened to the driver? Didn't the driver get killed?"
Hallie: "That's the strangest thing about this whole incident. They say that no one was found at the crash, it's almost as if the car was empty. It sounds crazy, but perhaps the driver jumped out before the car crashed and he ran away in time?"
Chris: "Perhaps. How soon may I go home"
Nurse: "As soon as I tell the doctor you've awoken. Also, it's been 3 days since the explosion. You might want to take it easy when you go."

I left the hospital and headed home.

Was it just me, or was that car trying to drive off of the road? Like it had a purpose or something?

Perhaps I just had had too much medicine from the hospital and my judgement or memory was being affected. But, I don't know why, I don't think that's it at all...

And no one was found from the car? That is the strangest part.

The thing that really bothers me is the note, what could it possibly mean? 

Was it just a prank done by the teenagers in the neighborhood, or could it possibly have meant something?

I want to find out...and what could be in my possession?

I can't help but think that somehow the car is related to the note.

I don't have any physical evidence to back it up though, so how could I possibly know?

I guess laying in bed for a little while couldn't hurt in the very least, I mean I might sort out my unsolved questions.


Ouch, I guess more happened to me than I thought. I am really hurting, I think getting some pills for my aches would help.

What's this, a box?
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